Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4th ~ Friday State of Our Union Address

As a whole, everybody is moving right along as usual with home life.  The kids are plugging right along with school - maybe just a tad unnerved... CSAP time of year.  The dogs are their adorable "doggy" selves (one just threw up a wad of strands from his rope chew thingy.  Gross.).  As for "the marrieds" - husband and I - we are okay too...  He:  job search, school drop offs/pick ups, and running errands.  Me:  cooking, quasi-house cleaning, errands, and blogging.  One plus for me is that I was able to re-build my Facebook friends list - I thought I would have no choice but to delete my account due to cancelled email account linked with my profile.  I was missing my community of long-distance friends and relatives and finding it very difficult to live without them - being that I have no friends in this area of the country.  Good news is... AOL no longer charges service fee for email accounts and I'm back in "the loop."  Yea!!!

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