Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Unpack Moving Boxes!

You may wonder what reason one would have for ending title of a blog post with an exclamation mark. I'll tell you why... Life. A story.

A long, long time ago, a family had to pack up and move out of their large, roomy home. Long story.

One Spring, that same family had to move again; this time, from a small, four room, one bathroom  HOME NOT OUR OWNWorrisome story.

In the nick of time, with only a week left to move out of tiny house, this family found a much roomier rental. Suspense story.

Then, not long after moving, a long road trip was made to retrieve boxes upon boxes of possessions from storage unit and deliver them at new rental. Unnerving story.

As of late, at current residence, this family still had more packed boxes than unboxed ones throughout the house and garage. Distressing story.

"Chriiiistmas, CHRiiiistmas time is here..."

Tradition in this family dictates that with thanksgiving's had, the perfect spot must be found for placement of a lovely freshly cut Noble fir holiday tree... budget permitting, of course. Well, we've broken with tradition; we now decorate an artificial pre-lit tree. I. know! Right? story.

I don't know, is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas?
Image by L Carilo, November 2015
Oh, moving boxes, yes, that's where I was! Rambling story... aka, The Story of Me!

Living room boxes have been sorted through, clearing the way for tree which has been displayed by a window and now awaits trimming by the children... all adult by the way.

And those unpacked boxes in the garage? Many are filled with holiday decorations, *ugh*

Perk of having no living room furniture... more space for decoration storage boxes! *sigh*

So, I guess this blog post title should actually be, How To Unpack* Moving Boxes, a la Carilo.

*You don't.