Saturday, December 17, 2011

A message...

Something YOU did brightened a day in a life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


To everyone who cared enough to send caring thoughts, messages and gifts.  And, hope & pray for me.  Especially those I have no clue where to mail  personal season's greetings.

~ Gratefully yours, Lil

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Someone wrote something great...

And I felt compelled to profess my love of their talent.   So I wrote this to Jen, author of the brilliant, who is probably pretty as she is clever:

I think I love you, Jen. Happily shared (repeatedly) "Elf" post on Twitter last night, and discussion spilled right over into today... internationally, too! Was thanked for sharing with friends on Facebook. I wanted to go out and scream from my mile high hell - Highlands Ranch Colorado - "READ THIS BLOG!!" after one of my friends turned me on to it. You write how my heart wishes my brain could make my fingers spit stuff out onto my keyboard. I write the most depressing blog on www. My name is Lil... and I'll say it again: I love you.



I know, I know... You'd think deep inside I'd be seething with jealousy -- since yesterday Jen's followers have amassed in droves, at last count, blog post Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies had garnered 12,200+ "Likes" on Facebook.  Whereas I have three followers, zero "likes" and seriously doubt my posts will ever have more than a handful of readers a day... me being one of them.  But, alas, I cannot be jealous.  I'm grateful.  I now have something great to put a smile on my face... Jen's amazingly funny, brilliantly written blog.  

Thanks, Jen!  

Oh, and Carolyn!  Thanks, C. for having a wicked sense of humour and cheering me up when I need it most.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My friend Lydia asked today...

On Facebook:  "So what are your opinions on NO MORE CELL PHONE TALKING WHILE DRIVING, EVEN WITH A WIRELESS DEVICE? with regard to one of today's headlines - Would banning all texting/cellphone use while driving affect you?

Lydia lives in California and I live in Colorado, and for the most part her friends all seem to agree.  For my part, I offered these gems....

~ Every time I see someone on the phone while they are driving I yell in my car "Get off the damn phone!" (usually there's "lady" at the end of that sentence. During snow season... I usually add a curse word or two, ending with me yelling "Before you kill me, a**hole!"

~ Once saw a guy driving an El Camino, on a cell phone, smoking a cigarette, while brushing his mullet looking in the rear view mirror. Imagine THAT being the story of how you died...killed by some stupid chain smoking, mullet-headed idiot.

~ Oh, and often times I say, "Get off the damn phone." in crowded grocery store aisles. My kids hate when I do this because it's usually loud enough for anyone not on a cell phone to hear; and I make the point to look right at offender, speaking with a smile on my face.  Moron.  ;)

How would banning all texting/cellphone use while driving affect you?  I'd sure cut down on cursing.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

If only...

If only I had somewhere to go, I'd be there already.

If only I could keep the promise, "I'll be back."

I guess that's why there's nowhere for me to go.

I couldn't promise her, leaving now, I would be back for her special moment.

I guess I'll have to stay; I wouldn't miss her graduation day.

If only...

I could hide my unhappiness today.

If only.