Thursday, September 12, 2013

Other Things Said At Our House ~ September 12, 2013

The Girl ~ making a rare appearance as she takes a break from homework; coming out of her room for a cool drink.

Me ~ happy to see my darling girl.

Me: Happy goodnight, love. x

The Girl:  Happy goodnight, Mom. x

Things I Can't Believe Are Said In This House ~ September 12, 2013

First, let me paint the picture:

The Hubs ~  just showered and in bed after doing a quick, mad house cleaning before we have sleepover guests tomorrow night.

The YAM* ~ finally stopped arguing with me about not liking to put stuff on his face after shower and before bed because he doesn't like to get junk on his pillows, as I insist he borrow his dad's zit cream to dab on a few spots on his face and telling him to, "Just do it."  He has a job interview at the bookstore tomorrow afternoon... need him looking sharp.

 Me ~ I burned my hand this morning, so I'm pretty much useless tonight.

Niiice. The bathroom got a much needed overall scrubbing this evening. You know, all the parts I can't reach because I'm so damn short, or get thoroughly cleaned when I do it because my hands are so weak. Now, with my burned hand and all, I'm relieved that The Hubs and YAM are making sure accommodations will be adequate for when our nieces and nephew come to spend the night on Friday.

The Hubs was super-great to clean and sort out the bathroom clutter... not that there was much to start with: hair goo, shaving gel can, baby powder, liquid hand soap dispenser and Old Spice men's deodorant/antiperspirant. Of those items, only the baby powder was mine. We're in a rental that I call The Place, and - this is gonna sound weird - the woman we are renting from never really "moved out."  Weird! Right? Anyway, there are still owner's belongings in most cabinets, shelves, linen closet** and on walls (like, a picture of her friggin' kid!), so The Hubs returned his toiletries back to our bedroom and set the baby powder on my end of row of cubbies that serve as our dresser/closet.... also, the hand soap.

So imagine our disgust when YAM goes into the bathroom to wash his hands after applying the zit cream and discovers the hand soap was gone. The Hubs had removed it to clean the sink and didn't put it back... where the heck was it?

So, to his dad in bed, YAM says, "Whaddya do with the soap?"

Dad: "What soap."

Me and YAM:  (Looking at each other mortified.)

YAM: "The hand soap dispenser we keep at the sink... you know, to wash our hands with when we're done in the bathroom!"

Dad: ......


Me: (Fuming mad... I refill that dispenser every week!)

Dad: (Infuriating, stupid giggles) I thought that was lotion. (More stupid giggling.... what a girl.)

YAM:  You. Don't. Wash. Your. Hands? (Then coming to his dad's defense)  It does look like a lotion bottle.

Dad:  Hee, hee, hee... I wash my hands!

Me: *sigh*

*Young Adult Male