Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th ~ Mailman's Ringing!

A mail carrier came to the door this afternoon. (Hmmmm.... they actually don't do much carrying these days do they?  And a good number are women now too.) I still like to say mailman - sue me - because it sounds nice.  I loved our mailman when I was a kid, he was a nice man.  I thought he was old at the time, but he was probably a prematurely graying, barely middle-age guy.  Whatever... he was friendly and nice.  Today, the guy (probably in his early 60s) who rang the doorbell was nice too.  He complimented me on the aroma of the turkey dinner I had cooking at the stove.  He also, seemed unfazed by the task at hand - delivering a very much unwelcome delinquency letter from Chase requiring signature at delivery, you know, just like the one we got last month. Only difference this time is that this one says it's been three months since they received our house payment.  If it were Pearl, from the The Landlord video on Funny or Die, at the door instead, she would be all "YOU PAY NOW!!!" on my ass, like she was with Will Farrell; throwing me out "ON THE SHTREET!"  Merciless little tyke, that Pearl.  Well, thank God it wasn't Pearl, I don't think I would have been able to handle that kind of treatment.  So, the mailman it was, he was nice and seemed to not give a damn that we can't pay the "rent."  All I had to say to him was a kind, "Thank you, sir," take the letter and close the door in shame.

Anybody want to trade places?