Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th ~ Monday, Monday...

There was snow on the ground this morning when I finally looked out the window around 10:00 am.  I love the snow; we didn't get enough of it past winter, at least not enough for me to get sick of it.  Actually, I probably missed it by staying indoors most of the season; Rick being home meant me sleeping in during our school carpool turns.  So it was a nice surprise discovering a light blanket of snow on the lawn... It melted way to fast though.  Today was one of my "off" mornings due to arthritis pain and stiffness of my shoulders and neck; an early morning call saying my uncle passed away; hours of being on the phone offering family my condolences and regrets that my family cannot be there to pay our last respects...  What is a comfort is that Uncle Jess, like his mother and dear brother,  is now forever free from Alzheimer's disease.

Goodbye, uncle.  You were a good guy.

So that started off my day on a downbeat.  Add to that, our adopted Mexican pup was very unruly and made anything I tried to do extremely difficult due to the pain in my neck - trying to load the dishwasher and washing machine were unpleasant tasks made worse with "horse" getting in the way.  *Actually named Sombra, not horse.  Oh, and at one point he did go between my legs as I stood bending to look for something in the refrigerator and it did look to my daughter that I was horseback riding our gigantic, goofy pup.  Cute, but a pain, nonetheless.

Some of my usual and customary worries were greatly eased by the benevolence of an area church ward, which I reached out to (very hard to do), whose elders and volunteers have acknowledged my family's need for help.  They are providing generous amounts of food to see us through the next couple of weeks.  This is a huge relief as cash reserves are extremely low and will not be replenished until last week of April.  I'm very grateful and accept this blessing with love for this show of compassion and kindness.  Another thing that should help take some financial pressure off is that my husband will have a bit of work and make enough money to pay our past due car loan installments.  He'll be helping with a kitchen upgrade that starts next week. It's short term; temporary, but at least it's something, right.  

Tonight I will bundle up, takes some much needed pain reliever, tuck in and give thanks for today's blessings.  Good night & Peace.