Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30th ~ Day one: GOOD

My boy's first day on the job was good.  What a blessing.  Since he was a tiny guy his deepest wish was to work for Disney.  Next best, where else... a book store.  Well, not just any book store.  The book store where we've purchased most of our family's personal library collections.  That's right, each of my kids has their own little library, as do I.  I'm certain he's worked pretty hard at containing how happy he is today; but, glad he shared his first-day-of-work experience freely as soon as he got in the car when I picked him up.  Seems like there's a good fit there.  He's such a good kid, and hard worker.  I see good things coming his way.  Now everybody, go out and buy a Nook!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th ~ Is this the change we've been waiting for?

No, I doubt it.  Things will be a little different.  Since he enrolled in cyber school senior year, my son has had very little reason to go out... that,  lack of spending money and no close friends hasn't helped.  The only person outside this house whom he spoke with was his school advisor, and a couple of teachers.  (I wonder if he misses their regular chats?)  But tomorrow things are going to change... for him.  It's so great that he'll be meeting people in an environment he is comfortable in - We've been taking the kids to bookstores on regular bases since very early on in their little lives, like months-old ages.  Of course, It will also be such a great relief that he will be earning his very own money.  I've been extra concerned that no thanks to us - mom and dad - there would not be assurance of proper storage of his belongings (collections of books, movies, lifetime mementos... treasured items) when we are no longer able to occupy this house.  Now, he can box up his things to place in storage.  Knowing him, he will do all he can to make sure his sisters' most precious belongings go unharmed.  Another big change for him will be using public transportation.  My first job was a short walk through the neighborhood (scary, but short), but my second job required an hour long bus ride, thirty miles into downtown Los Angeles to work at McDonalds.  I'll plan on dropping off R.J. and picking him up tomorrow, but I can't make any promises about how long I'll be able to keep that up.  We have one car after all, and we  are 4 months past due on loan payments.  So after it's gone... it will be Rapid Transit all the way... not really far at all, if he had a bike I'd advise he use it for transportation while the weather permits, but he doesn't have one so...  

For me, only change is that today, for the first time in a long while, I will be ironing a man's work shirt - for my boy's first day of work. Haven't done that since TEXAS!  Seems like forever ago, ten years!  I loved waking up before the sun rose to get up and press Rick's clothes for work.  It was a joke we shared with our real estate agent:  Rick had given me a cozy, sweet home...  30 years worth of gifts all rolled up into one.  If he needed clothes ironed and meals cooked, I was going to deliver...  I better deliver.  I loved my "forever" present, so each and every morning I happily ironed his clothes as I watched the day break and heard activity from all over the neighborhood as all the other dads left for work.  It was perfect.

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28th ~ Today's Bill Paid: H.O.A. Quarterly Fees - Late

Times are tough so I rejoice in what little there is to make things seem not as bad, like paying a bill.  Because believe me, most days I feel nothing but defeat.  Making - or worse, taking - a phone call takes a great toll on me.  The calls that come in are from creditors, collectors, legal offices, etc., literally make me ill - physically and emotionally ill.  Making an occasional call to a family member or friend, torture.  Nobody wants to hear your sad, bad news about how things are getting worse.  All I want is to hear a friendly voice, say hi, and ask how they are; hear all the good things happening with them.  I hate that I only end up leaving them sad as they ask how we are doing.  I want to tell them I miss them and wish I could see them.  Everyone is so far away.  Today I called Mom and my Rosie to share good news of R.J.'s new job. Glad Mom didn't have to be bothered by my all-to-regular tears, but destroyed that I couldn't keep from sobbing as I told Rosie how grateful I am for her help and that we may finally be able to re-pay her loan soon.  She just said don't worry about it.  I love my Rosie.  She told me over and over again, "Don't worry.  I love you."  That's family, right.

To be continued...  or not.

Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27th ~ Here We Go...

Something new; something good happened today.  My son was hired for his first job, after his first ever job interview.  I'm so pleased and glad for him.  I am near tears every time I think about it.  I "grew up" a kid, and now he will be included among the American workforce.  A wage-earning, tax-paying American.  One down, three to go - Dad, Mom and Sis.  That's right.  Get all four of us on some sort of payroll and I'd start to feel hopeful that things can finally start turning around.  Yup.  If we all were somehow employed by the end of the week, I'd be wishing I had a rich relative to borrow money from to expedite "financial ruin of 2000's turn-around" so that all our focus could be on new jobs and "cleaning up" this mess.

This also makes me sad.  Sad that R. had such a terrible experience with the ending of his last job.  It was such a huge letdown.  There were bonuses that went unfulfilled which would have saved us from these current circumstances.  There certainly would not be need to fantasize about wealthy relatives coming to our financial rescue.  We would have been set for up to at least a year and a half  if he were to be out of work that long, had those promised bonuses been paid.

To be continued...