Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Still July, Huh?

Wow... anybody else need a nap or two today.  I sure do - had a short one after "lunch" but I still need many more zzzzz's, after all, It's only 6:15PM. Bedtime is still hours away, and I still may be called on to drive over to my mom's for one thing or another.

That's what life's been lately, or at least since end of June, checking in on Mom. As for "lunch," don't think I actually  had one today - this is happening a lot lately.  No, wait... when I went over to fix Mom's lunch, and prepare her next three meals & set aside a few between meal snacks, I think I had a spoonful of rice, about five baby carrots and three sweet potato fries (Man, those were good!). It's all worth it if all this time and effort is keeping Mom healthy and strong. This business of Type 2 Diabetes has been an eye-opener.

As for The Hubs, well, he could be better.  Or have better health insurance, or be fortunate enough to have adequate insurance benefits through work... or even a job that offers paid sick leave. Even better would be a higher paying job doing what he knows.  But, for now, it is what it is.  He'll have to do his receptionist job while in pain and with limited range of motion, and he'll have to hold out hope (without meds) for a speedy referral process so he can get in to see neurosurgeon and -fingers crossed - be placed on a successful treatment plan.

I think I mentioned something about a nap earlier.  So.....