Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eleven Forty PM

Here it is 11:40 pm on a Saturday night, and I've got nothing.  There's stuff going on, but I rather wait until the start of next week to share details.

I made some chicken soup today. It turns out really good when I add half a jar of El Pinto Hot Red Salsa. I recommend it... all their sauces, actually, but especially the enchilada sauce. So good!

In other taste bud news, I also sampled one of the new Starbucks teas - the Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade. I really liked it.  I also have been enjoying the new line of fizzy drinks; Fizzio Golden Ginger Ale's my current favorite.  Try it.


What's going on with you?

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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Friday, July 18, 2014

BlogHer prompt for Friday, July 18, 2014 ~ Do you think we'll be spending more time, less time, or the same amount of time online a decade from now?

Again, no.

And, goodnight.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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Thursday, July 17, 2014


BlogHer prompt for Thursday, July 17, 2014:

"Tell us what you think blogging and social media will look like 10 years from now. Will wearable technology change the way we tell our story?"

I can't grasp the idea of what anything might be like "10 years from now."  The world has had a bad day today, and will probably wake with a mind numbing headache in the morning... if it even sleeps at all. Trust me on this one, having had a bad night myself last night, I've pretty much felt like crap all day.  I'm ready to call it a day. So here goes my take on "wearable technology," blogging and social media.

The idea of wearable technology sort of bugs me. I imagine being cool about never experiencing a chance encounter with someone wearing Google Glass. I'm plenty annoyed about needing to wear regular glasses, and my family is pretty ticked off at how attached I can be to my phone - rarely do I use it to have an actual verbal conversation with anyone. Imagine someone walking around holding up a newspaper... remember those? Well, that's me with my phone; it's my newspaper. Google Glass and I would be disastrous.

Now, when it comes to vlogging, I'd like to think that having a camera dangling on a strap from my neck would not be such a terrible thing. But, the thing is, with phones handily available for recording digital shorts will I even have much need for a camera? Oh, wait.... I would so love to have a GoPro! But, for what purpose? Who the heck is going to watch footage of whatever it is I'm watching on t.v.,  or wherever I'd be driving to, shopping for, or cooking. No, I don't need* a GoPro.

As far as blogging and social media are concerned, for me personally, I hope they are still "a thing." But, I guess writing is writing, and that's what blogging is, right? Social media has been fun... and equally infuriating. I think I have it figured out enough that I can stay out of trouble, as well, as avoid undesirable results. Simply, keep my nose out of other people's business. That should work, right?

Social media is no longer what it had been five years ago. And, personally, I'm not actively participating in lengthy discussions or banter like I had been even a year ago. I went as far on the social media road as Twitter. Once Pinterest, Instagram, and whatever else followed came along, I lost interest.

At my age, as I inch my way toward empty-nest phase of life, I hope to make real life connections. The idea of gathering with others, enjoying similar interests, takes me back to simpler times; times when friends, neighbors, families made a concerted effort to be in each others company. I missed that, and am grateful to have been able to reconnect with family in recent years. Now it's time to make some friends.** Or is it too late?***


Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guide. Shape. Effect.

Today's post should be a cakewalk; after all, we've all been influenced by individuals throughout our lives, haven't we? So, challenge accepted. I really like this prompt, and am looking forward to reading other bloggers' lists. I love that nobody's list is "wrong."

BlogHer asks, "Tell us 10 people you would declare the 10 most important people in the world so far this decade." I don't consider myself an expert on anything, but I am entitled to my own opinions. So, please join me as I look back at the first decade of the 21st century. I've chosen those whom I feel are of strong character, individuals who don't back down from challenges or adversity. I've kept most from this list close to home. Ask me who I think will be most influential in the next decade and it's a pretty good bet most of  my choices will be from around the globe.  So, with the help of Wikipedia and Time 100 lists, here is my list.

In 2001, our nation was rocked to it's core. We will never forget the events of September, 11.  On that day, what mattered most to me were my kids. They were a constant reminder of good in the world.

For 2002, I've chosen the original American IdolKelly Clarkson. Kelly & American Idol provided a diversion. I'm a t.v. person, and this show and it's contestants, changed our viewing habits. We became part of the production; phones - landlines - were picked up and numbers pressed to submit votes for the best performer.  Families, again, came together in front of the t.v.,. like the old days. Who knew?

In 2003 Elizabeth Smart was released from captivity. She had been abducted and remained missing for months until she was able to escape her captors. Although there is no denying hers was a traumatic experience, the dignity and courage she possessed throughout (and, still to this day), coupled with the strength and compassion from a loving family, are examples of what really matters in life.

I hope that my list doesn't appear celebrity based, but some of these individuals really made a sincere impact on my life.  In 2004, as a mother of three young children, J.K. Rowling's stories about a boy wizard, made me wish I was a kid again. I relished every summary of each chapter that my son read. The imagery in his telling of accounts in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone provided an escape into a world I had never imagined could exist.

I'm a news junkie; always have been, always will be. Hurricane Katrina in 2005, had me glued to the t.v. just as 9/11 had just a few years back. Nature was unkind; those designated to oversee welfare of citizens during a time of need, well, they were negligent, self-absorbed, and down right cruel. CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, called them out. "Floating bodies," disaster of epic proportions, allowed us to see a side of journalism not often displayed in print or on television screens.

Now, in 2006... come on.  The Colbert Report's own, Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central. What was happening? A news junkie's paradise... news parody with a punch.  Colbert is genius. Smarter than he is funny... or is it the other way around? Who cares. This guy is one of the greatest interviewers ever, going toe-to-toe with politicians, actors, clergy, and pretty much anyone in the Colbert Nation spotlight. The Colbert Report is the last television program I watch each night.

Barack Obama took center stage in 2007. I didn't vote for him in either presidential election, but I did become a supporter of our now President during his first term. I also support No Labels.  I think I'll leave it at that.

Times 100 in 2008 included the Dalai Lama. In times of chaos and turmoil, strive for happiness over hopelessness. Makes total sense to me.

At the time of his passing in August 2009, I sat down and wrote about Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy here.

And finally, back in 2010, when things were, well, terrible, it was my Twitter community that kept me company in my hour of need... hours, actually. I'm grateful for the support and compassion from perfect strangers from both here in the U.S, and across the pond. So many provided what family and close personal friends could not... the time of day.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Midway Through July

Wow, the month is flying by. Funny how time seems to accelerate at greater speed the older one gets. Yet, at the same time, a week can seem to drag on, for instance, it's only Tuesday? Really. It boggles my mind.

I'm tired. This exhaustion I can blame on the fact that there is so much to contemplate at the moment. The family and I are patiently/anxiously anticipating results of 2nd job interview that will require my husband to travel to Colorado... our former home state. He's been job hunting for work in his field of expertise since 2007... something in the U.S. this time. Last few days have been spent finding just the right "hire me" attire: new pants, sports coat, crisp white shirt, right down to undergarments from top to bottom. Shoe & dress shirt shopping with him last night was fun... a seriously unusual occurrence.

As for me, I'm stumped about what my personal future may hold. The kids are all grown, the dogs have their happy doggy life, and if my husband takes the job in Colorado, I'm going to have loads of alone time. Time I cannot image how to fill so that I feel I'm doing something purposeful. I'm going to have to work that out.

So, we wait.

What do you have to look forward to in the near future?

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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Monday, July 14, 2014

I Guess I'm Doing This...

One of the themes of BlogHer '14 is Selfiebration, and today's prompt asks participants to share ten* pictures of ourselves (or someone/someplace we love) from the past decade. *I went over.

Opposites Attract
A blind date;
ten years later;




At this point it's all about perseverance...
It's been a long, long ten years.
In the end... love.

Actually, I don't do "selfies,"... I'm old.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lil's Week In Review ~ July 13, 2014

July 2014 NaBloPoMo Theme is DECADE, and since weekends are left open to blogger's choice, here goes.

This Week In Review:


~ Carilo Family Movies: Summer 2014 flicks that we watched this week, as selected from @EW's "...essential movies kids must see before they turn 13." were...

#21 Elf
#22  How To Train Your Dragon
#23  Star Wars
#24 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
#25  Pee Wee's Big Adventure
#26 March of the Penguins*
#27 Home Alone

*My son asked why this movie is even on the EW list... come on, Morgan friggin' Freeman!


~ This week's A How-To Guide visits from around the globe:

United States
United Kingdom

Yay, world!

And speaking of world... I have thoroughly enjoyed watching 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP games. Final with GER vs ARG is happening at the moment; I'm rooting for Germany. Current time is 2:17pm PST and score at end of Extra Time: 0-0. Fifteen minutes additional time, before penalty kicks if score remains tied.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


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