Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th ~ Welcome To America

Actually, "Welcome BACK to America." That was the sentiment nine months ago.  Today, it's more like, "I. AM. DONE!!!!"

Here's a refresher from a few blog posts second week of November 2010 :

  • My personal experience: Imagine losing your house to foreclosure after spouse's lay-off from the company he's worked at for nearly 20 years, in the industry he's worked in all his adult life. Imagine no prospects of job after a year. Imagine, as well, loss of car, appliances... Imagine being on the verge of it all happening again eight short years later. Imagine one spouse having to relocate out of the country for work - because need for health insurance is just as crucial as bringing in income to provide for his family. Imagine having a disabled spouse with an incurable disease who blames themselves for over-burdening their family because a large percentage of income after Cobra insurance benefits run out (which you couldn't afford as it was) goes toward treatment and management of illness. Imagine humbling yourself when you reach the point that it is necessary to seek assistance from community churches to help you scrape by 3 months to survive. Imagine having to go to churches to pick up donated food. Imagine fearing not having anywhere to go for shelter when (and if, for the 2nd time) you lose your home. Imagine how it feels when others you feel you can confide in and share all this with (in hopes that they would have some compassion) are often of the opinion that you are full of $h!+. IMAGINE. Now, Imagine having to hear everyone say to you: "You know this is happening to a lot of other people," (Yeah. Who else do you know?) "Things will turn around." (Yeah. When do you think that will happen?) "Don't worry." (WHAT???) Now that's crap. I'm just saying

  • Why? My husband was terminated from his job today - homebuilding, specializing in customer/warranty services. Termination will be official Wednesday of this week and I could not be happier. Why? He's been living/working out of the country for nearly three years... because U.S. homebuilding industry suffered another major blow (my husbands 3rd layoff in the last ten years) which in my opinion is one of the greatest tragedies of the current U.S. economy, not to mention, there is nothing encouraging that would indicate even the slightest turn-around.... and now he gets to come home for good. Anyway, I could not be happier that my husband is coming home - hopefully by the end of the week. It's been tough trying - and failing - to sustain two households. I did the best I could. So, here we are now, nowhere near square one but hoping with all my heart that we reach that elusive 1st square sooner than later. This is what I will chronicle on my blog until things start looking up. I hope it doesn't bore the heck out of you and that you will check-in once in a while to see where life leads us. I cleared my head... now I will shut up.

  • Problem: My husband's termination/release process from job out of the country seems to be taking a bit of time; meetings have been postponed for the third time since Monday. Regretfully, I feel that his employer - and please excuse my language - is trying to screw him over by using delays, manipulation and intimidation. Apparently, leaving the company must be overseen by labor board because as far as company owner is concerned, they and Rick have "mutually agreed" to part ways. LIES. He is being coerced into taking whatever "serverance" they have offered and hit the road. Without legal representation to accompany him to labor board meeting and speak - the country's language - on his behalf, my husband is totally screwed. Back here in the U.S, I can't help but be extremely concerned about my husband's well being, as he is all alone out there; all I can do is remind him that the kids and I just want him to be back home safe and sound. However, since immediate return is not feasible, I continue to worry about him because he is being treated so unfairly, he's alone with no one to turn to there, and he has done nothing wrong, other than do all he can to provide for his family:  a home, food, health insurance, peace of mind at home. His return home on Sunday - regardless of labor board meeting outcome - will be a huge relief for all of us. Requesting you keep my family in your loving thoughts and prayers... we need all the help we can get.

Still, all I ask for is prayers.  AMEN