Sunday, March 20, 2011

Requesting prayers and positive energy for a job for this man

Let's put our hands together and pray for a job for Rick...

Director of Customer Service/Quality

• Successfully managed all aspects of the resort developer liaison department warranty program including hiring, training, manpower and budgets.

In America that means VP of Warranty/Customer Service department for luxury home builder (in CA, TX, HI, NV) running warranty program including hiring, training, and budgets.

It's Sunday, give it a rest, already...

...break time, right?

But first...

Humbly ask family members for help with our utility bills.

Send out prayer request for job for The Hubs and that future income provide for all our needs, especially all urgent needs.

Pray that somehow we are able to stay in this house and not lose our vehicle...

That we remain in good health; that our medical needs not go unchecked and our illnesses not go untreated.

 ~ ~  Now I shall go throw-up