Saturday, August 31, 2013

So Long, August 2013

I love the month of September.  *September is good.  Always has been; hopefully, always will be.

August was kind, bittersweet, momentous, reassuring, stressful, busy, revealing, uncomfortable, eventful, unpredictable and hot!

I lost 10 lbs without even trying.

Officially became mom of a full-fledged adult male in August... I officially grew up a kid. I love that we can talk for hours about similar interests... movies, books, television, current events, but especially laugh together watching our favorite comedians.

I learned that it doesn't take long at all to discover how much love you can have for relatives you hardly knew, especially the little ones who probably hadn't a clue about you.  A short visit with nieces and nephews leaves me with cheeks sore from smiling.

I proved I am capable of helping make life better for someone.  In this case, my mom.  Her health issues seem to have improved overall and illnesses kept in check, partly due to my ability to monitor her diet and medication.

This was the first August in over 10 years that I was present for one of my sister's birthday celebrations... we have recently reconciled after many, many years of disconnect.  My voice becomes hoarse from the hours we spend catching up and just chatting during visits with mom.

This month I showed up and fulfilled the "in sickness and in health" marriage promise to my husband.  He's been there for me time and time again in our 20+ years of marriage.  He's been in a great deal of pain and discomfort recently... and I did my best to provide comfort and support.

After so many years married, this was the first time ever that I was in the driver's seat... literally.  Due to pain and physical limitations, not to mention very strong prescription drugs, I did most of the driving, including dropping off and picking up my husband at his job.  I really do love to drive. So it was a welcome change to have the man hand over the car keys and let me take the wheel while he took my spot in the front passenger's seat.

I discovered that I still have the ability to learn new things.  It's difficult and exhausting, but my brain isn't the rubbish I thought it had become.

I saw my determined, independent middle child prepare to leave, after a long Summer at home with her family, to return to college clear across the country.  Hearing her voice everyday is my happiness.

In one word: postmenopause... Best. Thing. Ever. Wait is that two words?

I love being impressed by my children; kid #3 managed to achieve high marks in school and exams.  She has registered for junior year in high school.  I'm impressed by her strength, and perseverance... but, it is her artistic talents that fascinate.  She's my beautiful social butterfly finding her way around new, unfamiliar surroundings and peers. Hopeful coming academic year is good to her.

Big dog and little dog seem to still be trying to figure out what's happening here.  They sit by the doors with an expression that says, "Are we done here. I'm ready to go home now."  Me too, doggies... me too.

Nearly every day of this month, temperatures have reached 100 degrees or higher.  I do not like this dry, warm climate. I really should have been in a much worse mood past several weeks. Nothing I could do about it I guess. No choice where to live at the moment.  Grateful we were all together under one roof, and that air conditioner provided some relief from heat.

My sleeping habits have been atrocious of late.  I plan to change that starting... NOW.  Or actually tomorrow night.  Eleven o'clock bedtime for me from now on.  Wish me luck.

Relieved to find I have, in fact, not lost my cooking skills... I'm back, baby.

Come on, September!

This was my August in a nutshell.  How was yours?

* And, no, I have not forgotten Sept. 11, 2001. I will never forget. That day was not good. What happened that day changed everything... how I see the world, how we all see the world. We weren't ready for that tragic event. That it happened first week back at school for my kids, I was in "feel good" mode. Back-to-School week in a tight-knit neighborhood on 9/11 provided a comfort and re-assurance of what was good. I'm ready for back-to-school again. I have always loved back-to-school season. It's one of my favorite times of year. That has not changed for me. This is good.