Saturday, February 4, 2012

Working on

From your lanai on Lanai, I'll never forget us all stopping whatever we were doing, to share in amazement, those wonderful "green spark" sunsets, or gazing at the Milky Way galaxy floating against black, velvety Hawaiian night skies.  And how could I ever forget that dreaded, unending fog drip among the Cooke Island pines. You will always have a special place in this family's hearts.

You were a mentor, a friend; an Andrew Zimmern look-a-like, and one of the funniest people I've ever met... a super, nice guy.  Thank you for always being so good to us. Love you as big as Texas.

We'll miss you, Doug

In memory of Doug

Working on this...  Sadness overwhelms.  Bothered that I can't get it together well enough to write a proper message about this dear, sweet and gentle man.

Very sad.

My Twitter tribute to Doug:

#DougTribute...and thank you, Doug, for recognizing in Rick he had it in him to move from lowest rung to CS VP

#DougTribute...  I'd like to believe I gave you a favorite birthday gift: @joshgroban cd; Sarah's fave too. Thanks for sharing your great taste in music.

#DougTribute  So in tribute, loving memory; for all you've meant to this family... @joshgroban's Thankful

#DougTribute #bestfunever: When met with obstacles... "GET THE MANUAL! GET THE MANUAL!!" #RangeRoverAdventures#MunroTrail

#DougTribute. Never laughed harder than when in your family's company. Dominos will forever be my favorite game.

#DougTribute. Thanks for introducing me to sushi in most gorgeous of settings, Manele Bay terrace, as spinner dolphins played.