Monday, September 23, 2013

Seven Days 'til October

Oh, September... are the days of sitting in pool of my own sweat nearly over yet for 2013?  I hope so.

Last two mornings felt so good stepping out into the cool morning air.  Makes me wish we had proper windows to open in this house. Alas, we do not.  So, no fresh nighttime air for us. That would be bliss. Oh, well.

Seems our time in Southern California is taking a more permanent turn.  The Hubs has a temporary CA driver's license.  We now have California issued auto insurance.  And, today, Bookstore Boy reclaimed the nickname I gave him when he started at his very first job Summer of 2011 in Colorado . He's been on job search for nearly a year.  Nice to know he'll be in familiar surroundings.  Hoping it's as great an experience here in the desert as it was at the Lone Tree store.  Good luck, son!