Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26th ~ Busy, busy, busy...

Busy day.  First of all, R.J. has finally made up his mind in choosing a film school to attend next fall, so now we are in the midst of planning excursion to university town for campus tour, check out housing options, and finding resources that can be useful to R.J. while he adjusts to life away from home.  Not to be forgotten, make plans for celebrating his high school graduation next month by booking a 3-day visit to California Disney Parks & Resort and week-long visit in Palm Desert.  Finally, drag him out to shop for his first suit for his special day.  A vehicle will make the perfect graduation gift; I hope he likes it.  And I can't wait for him to open up the one and only hard-cover copy of R.J.'s Blanket book on that day. 

Also kept busy shopping and making special plans for Sarah's 17th birthday tomorrow.  She loves shoes, skirts, dresses, jewelry... such a girlie-girl!  Hoping we coordinated delivery of her new bedroom furnishings and new, snazzy "wheels" to arrive while she's at school.  Sushi Dinner reservations for she and her girlfriends are taken care of for tomorrow night; We can celebrate as a family when Rick comes home.

Emily's end of year party to celebrate her transition from middle school to high school took some time.  Party venue is booked and all RSVP s have been received; she and all her besties are in for a big surprise. They have been exemplary students and totally deserve this extra special treat.

Biggest task was planning and booking family Bucket List Summer holiday travel to visit Grandma Carmy, family and friends in Palm Desert, CA and L.A. CA for a couple of weeks; followed by 10 day stays each, in Washington D.C.; Prince Edward Island, Canada; Scotland, Haifa, Israel; and Italy. Whew!

Out in California, Rick is doing everything possible to accelerate his return home by hiring a remodeling pro to finish the kitchen he's been working on in La Quinta so he can come home as soon as possible.

Last but not least, I enrolled in community college English, creative writing and art courses for next Fall.  Having fun developing my little stories and writing my kooky blogs (hoping someone is finding them entertaining).  I pray it someday pays off because I'd really like to take over the bread-winner role for the next 20 years of our marriage.  

Sounds like a very busy day, indeed... Made my head spin anyway.   This is where my head immediately went when someone asked,

"If money and time were no object, what would you be doing right now?"

~ Back in reality, I sit here hopeful that our circumstances will improve sooner than later.  I have this gut feeling about things. The Woodlands has been foremost in my thoughts since last night; don't know why this feeling is so strong, besides the fact that I still miss living there.  But, I can't deny what is of greatest importance: for Rick, R.J.and I to find immediate employment, and Sarah have a job to start at as soon as school lets out next month.  I won't have peace of mind until wsettle our debt, get caught up  on mortgage  and auto loan, and finally sell this house so that we could move on.  And this is only possible when we  finally  have income and job security.  Soon God.  Please. Please help us  survive this  very difficult time.

This I pray for us - and all families finding themselves in similar circumstances, or worse...  Lord, please help us to find strength and courage to persevere; may we keep each other in constant loving thoughts.

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