Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have books in my head

Me ~ overjoyed, dripping wet out of shower, no make-up, fever & chills... Over the moon!

Anybody who really knows me knows I have books in my head; in my heart.  So while I was having my once-a-week shower - soap rationing - I was thinking about my books; the uncertainty of our situation; what might the future hold?  I suppose all our stuff will be thrown out eventually.  I thought, "My notes!"  "My boxes of notes filled with dx stories; the story about bipolar and me?"  It's all going to end up in the trash.  Made me sad.

So, I'm in the shower rinsing my hair (used way too much shampoo; needed it) and thinking about my one finished book.  The one I just happened to mention on Facebook today.  I had just shared it with my friend from back in junior high school, Joseph.  I was thinking if there were anyone who wishes they could help me finally "get it out there." It would be Joe.  He is so loving and kind, J.C. would love to make it happen.  Then, as a team, J.C. (my illustrator, Jan Castro -wherever she is); J.C., Joseph Cardenas, that dear sweet friend; by the power of J.C.... (that's right, Jesus Christ); and me, we would finally bring R.J.'s Blanket picture book to fruition to be shared with children everywhere.  I'm a dreamer.

Anyway, I'm thinking all this as I finish up my shower, and Rick comes in and hands me a package.  "Woo Whoo!  CPK here we come!"   It was a pretty thick FedEx envelope; I couldn't help but think my cousin Gabe had been overly generous with California Pizza Kitchen gift cards this time around - he was sending them for us to use to celebrate R.J.'s birthday.  So, of course, I tore it open while reading the shipping slip.  I was confused.

Hmmm... Not sent internationally.  I reached in to remove contents... A book.  A book, not gift certificates,  from Gabe?

A package from NYC, not Shanghai, China?

No note?


I have books in my head; now one in my hands.  It came from NYC.  From Anderson Cooper.  A journalist, t.v.reporter, humanitarian whose work I've grown to respect and admire over the years.  I'm a huge fan.  Now an eternal fan.  Thanks Anderson Cooper,  for making  today one of my "Best days ever!"


I eventually did find a nice note written in the book a few pages in and it was signed:  Anderson Cooper.

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