Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7th ~ Parting Thoughts

On day 365... my head is refreshingly blank.  On the other hand, I am excruciatingly bored.

In closing...

Today, I got this mention on Twitter:

KQEDnews KQED News
@anibundel @lcarilo @PharaohCarlson @risaibi @NewsHour@KQEDnews You explain what #unemployment means to you, in Tweets

As for my blogging assignment reaching it's end, I have found the most gratifying thing to come from this experience has been connecting with lovely, thoughtful, and compassionate people; being followed on Twitter by CNN contributors and journalists that I respect and admire; delighted in occasional chit-chat with brilliant comedy writers and actors. But the biggest kicker has been the handful exchanges with favorite authors.  So as lousy as life has been, dreams have come true. Come on... Anderson Cooper sent me the last book he had read over summer!!! That was an OVER THE MOON, once in a life time thrill, right?  Well, it was for me anyway. 

Thanks Anderson and everyone else, for those moments when I couldn't stop smiling, laughed out loud, was left speechless; touched by your virtual hugs... during these worst of times.

~ Oh, and by the way, I only got told off once, by some woman named Melissa... or was it Michelle, via my Facebook page a while back. She had some "How dare you..." words for me.  I took care; cleared things up.  Pointed out that had she read the heading on the blog post, she'd see that I was not asking strangers for money... I was, in fact, traumatized by the idea of having to ask relatives for financial assistance.  She got the message; deleted her nasty post and apologized for having misunderstood.  

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