Friday, December 30, 2011

Final Friday Financial State of Affairs ~ 2011... Is it over yet? God, please be over!

Here we go...

12/30/11 ~ Bank Account Funds Available:     $ 1,472.28

I'M RICH!  Electricity, hot water, running water, waste pick up, interwebs... you are mine!  All mine... for another month at least.

Blessed today I am able to:

  1. Make Dec.16th car payment of     $627.90
  2. Send Dec. 27th phone/cable/internet payment of     $227.35
  3. ........ I can't do it.

    I'm finding it hard to continue.  Keenly becoming aware of what we "do" have.  Feeling sense of serenity from realization that I have been able to keep utilities on; we did have food to eat all year, I was able to catch up on car payments... took me nearly the entire year, but I DID IT!  We have each other, our dogs are still with us, we have a reliable vehicle, and everyone remained relatively healthy in 2011... and I didn't have to resort to prostitution!  Yet?

    Friends and Family in California - all over the county... around the WORLD - saw us through, sending what they could; keeping us in their prayers.  It was hard making phone calls asking for help; embarrassing posting concern about need.  But, I was heard and hands were outstretched to help.  Some fed us for a day; some for an entire week, even two.  Barb kept us feeling clean and soft and smelling good. One friend, Patty, made sure my girls had some new clothes; Lorraine made sure I could get them much needed school supplies.  Thank you everybody.

    Ending the year on a positive note... there's money in the bank.

    Must be grateful.

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