Thursday, December 22, 2011


I DID IT! Holiday shopping season is just hours from ending; succeeded in avoiding torture of it all. No Barnes & Noble, no Target, no mall, no Whole Foods, not even much need for grocery shopping! Happy I was able to keep outings to a minimum since Halloween. Hard enough driving past decorated shopping centers and businesses (broke down crying first time I saw countless colored lights cascading from every tree at neighborhood garden nursery), not to mention watch the kids sitting at the table and leaf through favorite catalogs, from which, in the past, I would order slippers and sweaters, while we ate our ramen noodle soup.   No money, means no presents.  Extra glad I didn't have to go anywhere that would only remind me of the impossible.

Relief is setting in and I was even able to reminisce about years gone by in reply to my favorite blogger, Jen's latest post on, where I sighed recalling "the good old days," and wished her:

 "Merry Christmas, Jen. From mom of 19, 17, & 15 y/o's who cannot yet part with their Knex, Bitty Babies (or accesories) and still use DS as alarm clocks.

Grateful, this "jobless year without wages," they decided together to pool monetary gifts from relatives to use for Christmas Eve dinner out to favorite steakhouse in lieu of opening presents."

Gotta say, I was touched that my kids elected keeping family tradition of Christmas Eve dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse using monetary gifts from Rick's sisters over buying themselves presents to open on Christmas day.  They did the same thing last year using Christmas money from Grandma Carmy.  My mom also footed the bill last time we went to Saltgrass, when RJ offered his high school graduation gift from her to be used to celebrate his special day.  It's our favorite restaurant and I'm thankful we again will be able to enjoy a delicious meal there together. 


My reply to a couple tweets posted by one of my favorite organization today:

  • What are you grateful for this year? ~  I am grateful for community of strangers who get me through my day; love of friends, family & pets. And, the ability to laugh.  ( @LynchFoundation )
  • What is the most important gift you have ever received? ~ Providence  ( @LynchFoundation )

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