Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 ~ Into Week Four

The numbers so far:

As of yesterday, spent a total of three hours, maybe four, out of the house... a whopping 20 minutes last week alone - bank & car wash run.  Three weeks in, most days spent in pajamas; last week, 6 1/2 days in p.j.s.

Laundry loads last week: 3 (normal is 15+ per week).

Meals prepared last week:  Too embarrassed to admit; maybe, one.  Five days of ramen noodles lunch.

More 2012 numbers:  About 30 minutes on phone; last week's total, about 5 minutes saying hi to mom.  Five minutes first week with someone from Anderson show , and 15 minutes spilling my guts to the hub's best friend in week two.

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