Saturday, February 4, 2012

In memory of Doug

Working on this...  Sadness overwhelms.  Bothered that I can't get it together well enough to write a proper message about this dear, sweet and gentle man.

Very sad.

My Twitter tribute to Doug:

#DougTribute...and thank you, Doug, for recognizing in Rick he had it in him to move from lowest rung to CS VP

#DougTribute...  I'd like to believe I gave you a favorite birthday gift: @joshgroban cd; Sarah's fave too. Thanks for sharing your great taste in music.

#DougTribute  So in tribute, loving memory; for all you've meant to this family... @joshgroban's Thankful

#DougTribute #bestfunever: When met with obstacles... "GET THE MANUAL! GET THE MANUAL!!" #RangeRoverAdventures#MunroTrail

#DougTribute. Never laughed harder than when in your family's company. Dominos will forever be my favorite game.

#DougTribute. Thanks for introducing me to sushi in most gorgeous of settings, Manele Bay terrace, as spinner dolphins played.

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