Thursday, March 15, 2012

The day the blogging ends...

... might be today.  We'll see.

But until then...  Had another successful night of restful sleep.  Problem:  Waking up early.  Now there's more time for worry to settle on my already overloaded mind.  Struggling as abandonment issues begin to resurface as steps in this family's journey begin to pick up pace.

On an up note, hating myself a tiny bit less on this day when I have decided to resume my family's recycling practices.  You see, life became so overwhelming a year ago that at some point I decided separating cans, plastic, glass and cardboard from household rubbish became too great a challenge.  I died a little inside every time in went one - out of hundreds probably - Diet Coke can.  But today, that changes.  Next week's waste pick-up will find 2 green bins, one with cardboard/paper, one with cans/plastic/glass, and I will breathe a sigh of relief as WM truck hauls it all away.

Thanks for stopping by.

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