Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't bother reading further.... there's nothing here.

Forcing myself to sit here and try to come up with something to write... just write - or, maybe, more like type... because really, I've got nothing.  Seems life's at some sort of standstill... or maybe more like lull.  There's stuff on the horizon to deal with, but day-to-day, not so much.

So what's been up since Not Fabulous February panic-attack-appalooza ended?  Well, let's see.  You know we finally took care of pressing torture that came with un-filed income taxes from when the hubs worked out of the country (and we weren't sure what the hell to do).  Four years... done!  Thanks H & R Block.  I slept for 14 hours straight the next night after signing tax forms.  Was never so happy to sign my name.

So naturally, what I did after my collapse into March 11th sleep marathon, when I couldn't keep my eyes open to watch the much anticipated 2nd season premier of one of my favorite t.v. shows, Bob's Burgers, was try to catch up on sleep.  But first I was bummed; my son and I had been waiting forever for the program's return and were really looking forward to laughing our heads off at the absurd attics of this bonkers cartoon family.  I sat down to first watch The Simpsons, but was out like a light before opening theme song ended.  Nobody touched me to try to wake me... I slept half-sitting, dressed, propped up against my pile of super flat pillows and folded blankets I normally spread out to sleep on each night.

(To be continued.)

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