Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Yay, go for it"

I got that reply last night from a Twitter pal after I tweeted, "Maybe I'll try to give writing another go starting tomorrow.  Be nice to me August 2013... please."  So, here I go.

July 2013 was a tough one. Lots of catching up. Lots of discoveries. Lots of caring for others suffering illness and pain. A whole lot of figuring out how to manage my 85 year old mom's type 2 diabetes in order to restore her life as close to what it had been before she started to neglect self-care. On top of that, my husband developed problem with cervical spine which required a trip to the Emergency Room in hopes of finding cause of pain radiating down his arm to his hand causing numbness and tingling similar to what one feels when their foot or arm falls asleep.  He's been in quite a bit of discomfort as we wait for authorization from insurance for examination and treatment by neurosurgeon.  It's taken three weeks to finally reach the point of being able to schedule an appointment with specialist.

So managing my mom's meal plans and administering her medication as her doctor prescribed, as well as making sure my husband is kept as comfortable as possible has been priority. Oh, and to keep things interesting, mom decided to move from the apartment she'd been living in for the past fifteen years to an updated unit in same senior housing complex... haven't perspired that much in my life. Temps around this time of year are in the 100's.  And then there's the normal demands of managing a family and household. Of course, I'm exhausted. Oh, and there's this itchy skin issue I've had since moving into this rental... it's pretty much driving nuts, or nuttier, right?

I'm doing the best I can, putting lots of miles on my car, and relying on my kids to pick up the slack of things I just haven't had the time to give my full attention. We even had a little house guest last night, she's a little pip and kept my daughters and son on their toes. Love having the opportunity to get to know family that we've been away from for so long.

So here we are, August 1, and my list for tomorrow goes off the page.  I'm missing my Twitter pals and favorite t.v. shows, but I have seen results of my contribution  for welfare of my family.  Keep fingers crossed I can keep this up as long as they need me.

Hope all is well with you, my reader. And, thanks Deb for the encouragement and for being a friend.

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