Wednesday, July 9, 2014

History & The Past

As I examine the past decade, I just wanted to share something from 2005. It was written in the midst of the lowest of lows for me.  You see, at this point I had been under doctors' care and managing a number of illnesses, including something new called  fibromyalgia, and the awfulness that is depression and bipolar disorder - emphasis on depression. This passage sums up my struggle coping with life on a small Hawaiian island. Some may infer that I was suicidal during this time; however, quite the opposite was true. I was hopeful... certain that this would pass. I took comfort in knowing I shall never sink like that again. I KNOW IN MY SPIRIT, HEART, AND MIND.


Your embracing arms hold me

Your hand in mine is soothing
You, in mind, comfort me as 
Mind’s ills storm body mind and soul

Sudden isolation 
Confusion and despair
Anticipating fear
My mind storm is here

You have touched me 
You are strong 
I reach for you,
I trust you
I am frightened by the storm

You are caring
And I care for you too
I welcome you free from harm 
To my unimaginable storm

Accept my invitation 
You have been here all along 
Share this time with me 
The storm is still so strong

We all belong here 
Goodness abounds 
This is how it is: 
I’m alone inside

As the mind storm passes on

By Lillian Carilo 2005 ~ Bipolar Disorder

In keeping with this month's theme: Decade...
Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride ~ Colorado 2005
Colorado 2005 was a welcome change. By springtime my family had established a comforting home life, our children eased into a new school and immediately made friends. Our first night in our new home was Halloween night.. Perfect, a great memory of a happy time... costumes, candy! It was a good night. Another highlight was a holiday weekend for families of employees, courtesy of my husband's company. Good times... 

October 2006 brought with it tremendous joy in the shape of a puppy... a Blue Tri-colored beagle. It was love at first sight... 


I love today's NaBloPoMo blog prompt: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 , "Do you like to read historical fiction? Tell us about your favourite book not set in the contemporary period."  I love reading historical fiction, it is one of my favorite genres in literature.  One of my all-time favorite books was a gift from my neighbor, Alicia, from the time my family lived in Texas.  At least twice a year - Eastertime and Christmastime - I pick up my tattered paperback copy of Marjorie Holmes, Two From Galilee ~The Story of Mary and Joseph. I enjoy it not for it's religious aspects, but for the budding romance between two quite ordinary individuals, who find themselves under extraordinary circumstances. The story begins with the mundane and leads it's reader from the inconceivable to the miraculous.  I'll hope to find time to read it for the rest of my life. 


Until tomorrow ~ Lil

This post is written for Day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014 and NaBloPoMo.


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