Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mind Blown

Yes, as soon as I decided to get down to writing this post, my mind is totally blown.  Why? Well, because I thought I'd get some help from July 2014 BlogHer Blogroll. I scrolled through all the titles - glad that they were numbered - with plan to choose one to visit in hopes that someone's post might inspire how I should start my July 1st post.  Seeing blogroll was numbered, I then decided to get my son's help by asking him to pick a number between 1 and 64... Get this, he distractedly muttered, "thiiiirty threee." And, wouldn't you know it, HE PICKED MINE! Wild, right?

  1. wordsbyelena
  2. Alphabet Salad
  3. The Foodie Patootie
  4. inneractive FITCLUB- heart pumpin' spirit movin'
  5. Chief Life Changers
  6. Chasing Dragonflies
  7. The Debrina Show
  8. The LodyBlog
  9. Crazy Eddie's Motie News
  10. Life As It Is
  11. through my eyes
  12. out & about in new york city
  13. Creations de mon Coeur
  14. Have Apron Will Bake
  15. Ramblin' with AM
  16. Faith, Grace, and Hope
  17. Thoughts Tips and Tales
  18. This Fuckin House
  19. The Serendipity Years
  20. The Chic of Domesticity
  21. Mydhiliram's Blog
  22. Parenting with Faith
  23. Francene--Blog. 2014
  24. Dumbwoman's Lane
  25. CodeGurl
  26. Everyday Gyaan
  27. squaarekat.blogspot.com
  28. Beauty and the Beets
  29. Tea Leaves
  30. Right to the (Pen's) Point
  31. I am a Plague of Music Cooties
  32. In the Transition
  33. A How-To Guide
  34. Vidya Sury, Going A-Musing, Collecting Smiles
  35. Belgium or Bust
  36. ifs buts ands etcs...
  37. Autumn Eyez
  38. Knit. Run. Reap. Eat.
  39. The Fit Beach Babe
  40. I Kiss My Cat on the Lips
  41. Felt With Love Designs
  42. Perle's Ink, freelance words & art
  43. Rose & Odin
  44. The Go To Mum
  45. Hey, Life? Are You Kidding Me?
  46. Both Sides of the Atlantic
  47. tales of a north shore princess
  48. onethousandandtwo
  49. Un Giorno Nella Vita (A Day in the Life)
  50. Blackout Girl
  51. Alternative Wiring
  52. A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose!
  53. NoMoreNiceGirl: Meet the New Nice
  54. Hopeful Luna
  55. Having Coffee With Peppy
  56. My Ambiance Life
  57. I Breathe Vinyl
  58. my heart's love songs
  59. Someday Somewhere
  60. Adorably Obnoxious
  61. Kudzu, Mon Amour
  62. Broadcast Pink
  63. Tickle the Sun | Taming the Mess
  64. Twigs and Tulle
So, let's try this again. Number 27! That's you squaarekat. Thanks, in advance, for being there for me.

Well, at least I know someone is off to a good start. Way to go, Marisa.

* * *

"This summer is BlogHer's 10th anniversary! Tell us something YOU have been doing for ten straight years." ~ Mel at BlogHer

Surviving? Enduring? Persevering? Struggling? *sigh* Maybe a little bit of all of those descriptions.

This month I commit to look back over the past decade. This is how it looked then...
This is not  journey. This is not a Journey. This is not  journey...
This is Hawaii. That road once lead us on a hilarious adventure, but that was in 2003.  July 2004 was... Gosh, I don't remember; not any specifics anyway. Everything I wrote back then is in a Colorado storage place.

That said, the decade since then has been unbelievable. I'll fill you in as the this month rolls on.

Oh, by the way, July 1, 2014 got off to a great start! Exited the freeway at 12:04 am after spending a night out with my daughters. We went to a concert at a venue about 100 miles away.  We had a great time, and performers were awesome. Made some great memories.

Until tomorrow. ~ Lil



  1. If the topic hadn't been "Decade," I wouldn't have had a clue what I could possibly share with readers every day for a whole month. Tick tock, and as it turns out, ten years ago my life underwent a huge change. It'll probably take me all month to reminisce! :)

    1. I'll be checking into your July post to see how this months theme influenced your post. I enjoyed the challenge, hope you did too.

      ~ Lil

  2. Well Thank you for mentioning my blog on yours - Thank you very much :)