Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Seven, Eight, Nine

Sitting here tonight, I'm struck with a sense of relief.  I had planned to write about where life had lead from 2007 through 2009, but I've changed my mind.  Actually, not much at all happened... more hardships loomed in the way of job loss for my husband,  and then the big, icky ball of wax that accumulates as a result of long term unemployment.

Midnight job searches with my Papa
I did my best to keep things as steady as possible for our kids - we had one child each in elementary, middle, and high school. They handled everything like champs... again. By the time 2008 rolled around, it would be just a couple of months in that a job opportunity came up for my husband - this time, out of the country.  Away he went, to somewhere he had never been and which language he did not speak. The kids and I stayed in the U.S. and tried to make the best of things. One of our favorite times were when we picked up "Dad" from the airport during one of his infrequent visits. Our pup joined us, we'd stop for a midnight meal before arriving home, and the stresses of being a stay-at-home mom with a displaced husband all just melted away, and I could, again, sleep soundly.

Meeting Papa at the airport
It was such a lonely time for me.  If it wasn't for one-sided dialogue with our beagle, I think I might have lost all conversational skills. What also saved me during those few years were sitcoms - mostly Everybody Loves Raymond, late night talk shows, British rom-coms, Jane Austen inspired films, and books. I also did quite a bit of writing, but had no idea about blogs back then. Now that I think about it, I was actually toying with the idea of writing children's books, and even crazier, thought about trying my hand at stand-up comedy. They had newbie nights at a nearby comedy club, and I wanted to give it a whirl. However, problem: I am not funny.  So, I was super lonely, but my husband was too. And, that's when this little guy rescued him...

Walking with Papa to el trabajo
So that was that.  The only other highlights were that I gained more and more confidence in the kitchen; while simultaneously losing weight!  Somewhere along the line I became proficient at meal preparations beyond routine dishes I had made over and over again throughout the years.  I think it also helped that the kids were older, and money was tight, so it was pretty much, "What you see is what you get." And what we had was good.

My happy place / office

A thought just crossed my mind, if I was to describe the first decade of the 21st century which was was reaching it's end, I'd call it the Groundhog Days... something had to change. And then I discovered Facebook and Twitter.

Well, for someone who didn't feel up to writing today's blog post...

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


This post is written for Day 29 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014 and NaBloPoMo.


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