Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time Is Running Out

I've challenged myself again this month to participate in BlogHer NaBloPoMo August 2014.  Problem : I really can't think of anything to blog about, and time's running out... it's 11:45!


Finally had sushi dinner.  We tried a new place, and you now how that goes - hit or miss. Selection was large and varied, but mostly unfamiliar. The one comforting thing was that this particular establishment had not recently been cited for health inspection violations after area wide inspections were conducted. Upon entering, it passed inspection for all of us - staff was well groomed, decor tasteful and uncluttered. Best of all sushi was prepared within view.  Despite outdoor temps being 100+ degrees, indoors was a bit brisk, which I was willing to deal with considering the type of food being served.  Don't know if we'll go again, although, prices were reasonable.  I'm okay with just picking up a couple of rolls from Sprouts market... mostly for convenience sake.  Anyway, it was nice going together as a family. It was in celebration of belated birthday dinner, postponed welcome home for summer break, we'll miss you when you've gone, good luck junior year, for College Girl who will be leaving in a few days.  I should be sad, but I'm always more thrilled for her than anything else.

Harder to fathom is the fact that our last grade school kid is now a high school senior... what!?!  As much as I hated back-to-school time as a kid, I've loved getting my kids ready for the start of a new academic year.  And, although it was a tremendous burden some years, my favorite part has always been shopping for school supplies.  Back when they were in elementary school demand for supplies was outrageous; middle school came a very close second, but high school... totally manageable.  A few pens, pencils (Ticonderoga #2, black), composition books, and spiral-bound notebooks, maybe some graph paper, and a large supply of copier paper and  index cards.  Kid #3 (I think I'll start referring to her as The Artist) will be all set after a quick stop at Target while we also shop for stuff to send to College Girl by mail.

I wish again this year, that we could see Bookstore Boy off to college, but it's just not feasible this time.  And, I'm super bummed about this fact. He would have been a Senior this year; breaks my heart that his only option has been to help us manage financially with his part-time, minimum wage earnings.  I hope that higher education does not become a missed opportunity like it was for me.  He has so much to offer, and so many strengths, I wouldn't want them to go to waste.

So, I expect hectic week ahead of me.  I also need to help my mom & sister get to respective doctor appointments, while keeping my fingers crossed that my vehicle holds up and engine and transmission issues do not worsen before we can afford to get repairs done. As for me, I've got my meds to refill, modify my daily routine, re-establish proper eating habits, and work on some strength training while everyone is out of the house during the week.  Oh, and let's not forget my online Italian lessons... really enjoying those.

Hope your weekend has gotten off to a nice start, and that you have a relaxing Sunday.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil

*Oh, and recyclables, must not forget to do that asap, need that extra cash for incidentals College Girl may come across as she travels back to school.


This post is written for Day 16 ~ Creating Memories with August 2014 NaBloPoMo


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