Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And Speaking of Fall Favorites...

Food... seasonal foods. It is that time again; time to dig out all those favorite family recipes and newly discovered holiday dishes to try,

Even if it's only first week of October and it is 90 degrees outside - whew, it's cooling down... grrrr - my mind is already zooming toward last week in November; to the point of my clearing out a shelf in The Place's tiny refrigerator - there are parts missing and inadequate amount of space, so I need to sort it out before filling it with all things Thanksgiving related.  The freezer portion is even worse. Did I mention it's a rental

Anyway, October is off to a good start in the way of meal preparations.  I've made chili - note to self, never again follow a recipe.  Today I made a huge pot of meatball soup for us and for mom to split. Tonight were having chicken with pasta alfredo, salad and garlic bread. Yum.

So, for this month my food focus will be on making stews, soups, and baked dishes... oh, just remembered the delicious baked talapia topped with salsa and cheese that we used to make at home in Colorado. Served over rice pilaf with a side of steamed veggies... Let's Eat!

I'll probably make a few sweet treats like banana bread and caramel apples, I'll also give one of those Dump Cakes The Pioneer Woman made on her show.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying ice cream treats, right?  So must stock up on plenty of toppings.  Hmmm, now seems the perfect time to head out to pick up a few groceries.

What do you crave most this time of year?

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  1. I love pumpkin cookies, and start craving turkey! I also love Caramel apples. I saw on Pinterest there was a way to fill the apples with the caramel so it is less messy. Going to have to try it. And get my pumpkin spice latte on.

    1. I like the caramel apple idea. Sounds like a must try.

  2. I crave fall sweets like apples, apple/pear crisps, and apple cider. Alana

    1. Oooo, love apple cider; need to add that to my grocery list.