Thursday, January 15, 2015

Half Jan

Half Jan... get it?  January 15, 2015.  We're midway through the month.  How's it going for you, dear reader?  I'd like to say, 'uneventful' on my end, but that would be a lie.

Early in my blogging days my social media profiles noted that I was a tv news junkie - CNN specifically, as well as local Metro Denver via 9News. Well, not anymore; I no longer live in Colorado.  That said, I am watching the news as I'm typing.  I'll switch to DVR'd show when it starts getting repetitive, or in the very likely event cross-talk yell-fest begins... it's inevitable.  As much as I like being informed on current events, I'm glad to step away, the world has had an extremely difficult few weeks with no signs of improvement... humans.  Not having the time to be on social media prevents me from keeping up on things, but it's easier to get to specific news items from preferred news sources via Twitter; again, I try as much as possible to find uplifting articles. Glad there are plenty to fill that need.

Lucky for me there's also a lot of tv programming that I've already fallen behind on due to time constraints, and the season is just a week or two in!  I love tv... there, I said it. Problem is illnesses in the immediate family, as well as 87 year old mom's inability to tolerate discomfort of flu-like symptoms has had me doing what I could to make everyone as comfortable as possible.  Today, I'm exhausted, but happy I was able to shower... it had been a while.

One thing that's been a pleasant surprise is that I've read my first book of the year... the entire book.  It was an e-book.   My first ever e-book.  I like it... not the book. Well, yes, the book. What I mean is I like e-book technology. I found reading this book on an electronic device a pleasant; satisfying experience.  The book titled Q by author Ben Mezrich delivered a story that was easy to follow, and immediately sucked you into the frightening "What if" or even worse, "When? Sooner than later!" potential of a too far gone to stop, much less turn around, wide spread world over airborne, contagious, infectious, respiratory invading epidemic.  It's a short, frantic read that doesn't end well.  I highly recommend this book, as well as other Mezrich books usually found in bookstores' true crime section. Look for them, check them out at your local library. You won't be disappointed.  I'm ready to start on Mezrich's Seven Wonders.  My son bought it for me last year, so I'm hoping I'll have two books to mark "Read" for the month of January.

So, at January halfway mark, I'm already pleased with the fact that I've read at least one book, without bailing on it first few pages in.  I think my brain is finally back to functioning at it fullest capacity... ah, mental illness; a world of difference when best course of treatment is achieved and med management is affordable.  There's another thing to be grateful about.

My birthday is at the end of the month; top of the list, Barnes & Noble Nook with Samsung technology. It'll also serve as a great video blogging tool. So, fingers crossed.

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