Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15th ~ First The Good News

In five short weeks our financial situation will be eased by the addition of state unemployment benefits.  Good news, right?  As for tonight?  Crunching the numbers, rubbing my forehead, and hoping to make the throbbing stop. Yes, my head hurts.  It's been hurting most of the day. I blame lack of a solid night's sleep and the stress from having to face another "15th of the month" without having cash on hand to pay bills, not to mention, I have been so preoccupied with "stuff" that I've neglected to take my medication for the last four or five days. (This is bad; now I must be extra vigilant at checking for fatal body rash which may appear due to drops or increases of chemicals in my blood as I get back to my regular daily dosage.)  Also, could just be allergies.  Whatever it is, all I have to say about it is... NUTS!

Speaking of nuts... They are not only a wonderfully, crunchy snack - all healthy and delicious - they can also easily replace an entire meal.  I've gotten in the habit of munching on pumpkin seeds on a regular basis, and could probably eat a pouch a day.  Yum.  I could probably live on pumpkin seeds and oranges, I love them that much.

Anyway, today was bill paying day and this is what "the numbers" crunched:

  • Combined Family Cash On Hand  ~  $  595.25  * Woo! Whoo!! Way more than I thought.
  • Loans Due (and Past Due)
    • Feb Mtg Pymt  $2,376.86
    • Mar Mtg Pymt  $2,376.86
    • Feb Auto Loan $   627.90
    • Mar Auto Loan $   627.90
      • Total Loan Payments Due 3/15 - 3/22  ~  $6,009.52
  • Household Expenses Due
    • 3/17  Gas & Electric  $  243.67  * Whew, thank goodness it's been mild.
    • 3/15 Water District    $    93.88  
    • 3/22 Phone/Internet
    •          Cable Package $  218.80  * A job-seekers' 1st line of communication.
    • 3/17 Wireless Pkg     $  317.76  * Secondary line of communication for all job seekers.
      • Total Household Expenses Due 3/15 - 3/22 ~ $  874.11
        • Total Loans & Expenses Due ~ $6,883.63  *WOW!

Hmmmm...  Here's the bad news... What do I do?  Those calculations don't even include $50 we need for fuel for our vehicle, $175 for a week's food, $261.00 for exams, $50 for school lunches.  And forget about hospital, doctor, credit card and other miscellaneous bills! What can I do?!?  

Thinking cap on, Me! What to do!  Thinking....  I don't want to think.  My head hurts.  I'm going to bed and escape this nightmare.  Crunch on that numbers.

    ...Have those five weeks passed yet?

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