Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22nd ~ Sunday ~ Serenity, Please Be Near

Everybody slept in this morning.  Breakfast of scrambled eggs and crispy hash brown potatoes that I whipped up as quick as possible wasn't served until after noon.  Technically it was more like lunch.  So let's just call it brunch, after all, we did also enjoy fresh strawberries.  It was all delicious, even though I was feeling a little pressured to get "my job" done (short order cook I am not).  What's happening is I'm starting to see those obvious signs of Summer: 1st dishwasher load just ended; already have another load to run, and don't even ask about laundry situation.  It's 1:30 and I know it's coming... "What's for lunch?"  How do I know?  Because occupants have already been in here (the kitchen) opening the refrigerator and pantry searching for stuff to snack on.  (Remember, we all ate around noon.)  Yeesh!  

After today my girls will only have two days left of school, then I will officially be mom to "big kids."  A high school senior and a freshman. YEA!  As the boy awaits his final marks for classes completed last week, the rest of us anticipate being there for him for his cyber high school graduation on Thursday... then he's off into the world to greet all that awaits him.  So proud.  We did it.  We "grew up" a kid.

**To be continued... (old days, ready for vacation; now, not ready for inevitable.)

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