Wednesday, June 1, 2011


And that goes for the rest of you  warm weather months:  July, August and September.  I'm not kidding.  As far as I'm concerned, Summer begins as soon as school lets out in this house; One week in and this is what I'm faced with:  An unemployed husband, three out of school teens (two of which are expected to actively search for jobs right along with dad), one stinky-breathed beagle suffering from delusions of grandeur & his giant kooky Mexican mutt sidekick, home all day, every day.   What shall I do?!?  For instance, if I hear a kid whining, I know exactly who is instigating it, or worse, who to blame for antagonizing our otherwise laid-back, easy-going kids... It can be only one person... Good ol' D-A-D.  This alone drives me bonkers, so naturally this morning, dealing with a nervous mutt and spoiled beagle both barking their furry little heads off, and I am just about D-O-N-E.  UGH!  Help me!!

Close to wit's end this early in the game, I thought it might be a good idea to attend Wednesday morning mass at a nearby church. (We never established ourselves at a church since moving here, so going feels kinda weird.)  Not wanting Summer days with a full house, coupled with financial struggles and lack of proper medical attention beating me up, I hoped an hour at church - and prayers for divine intervention - would help soothe my soul.  I didn't make it.

 ~ ~ to be continued...

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