Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3rd ~ Friday State of Our Union Address... Touch and Go

Everyday is touch and go, and not just because for the past few months I've had this arm thingy going on. Been taking walks, drinking lots of water and taking Advil twice a day this week in hopes of seeing a change. Remember, no health insurance and no income means no unnecessary (or necessary) doctor visits. This morning was good... it's always good to wake up without arms having gone numb and tingly while you sleep, right? So I'll keep walking, stay hydrated and keep popping ibuprofen and see if the arm thingy stops for good.

Aside from that, life is still pretty not great. First thing this morning I found out that cell phone provider service was "unavailable." My youngest daughter said she couldn't reach her friend by text to confirm plans to go to neighborhood rec center swimming pool. Of course I suspected the obvious and thought, "Uh oh, didn't schedule payment by phone before cut-off date." I thought for sure my husband would yell at me. But I was ready - as always - to yell back. Also, our quarterly H.O.A. fees were past due and needed to be paid for my daughter to renew her Resident Photo I.D. card that I lost ages ago... so that she would be able to actually get in to community pool. (I expected even louder yelling at this point) These days I'm forced to play a kind of bill paying roulette once a week. I see what finances are looking like and determine which utility bill to pay while also allowing enough funds to be available for food. But, I had just paid the water bill on Wednesday, you see, after getting a "Shut Off" letter, so I was forced to do some quick thinking - keep in mind I already had planned to make electricity bill payment TODAY! Sickening. right? The thing is, I have no defense. I pay the bills. Nobody earns money in this house (my SSDI benefits don't count) and I am somehow still expected to magically pay bills for service providers which are imperative to have available while individuals "search" for work. (I'll fill you in later as to why the quotation marks on the word, search.) Fortunately, I was able to finagle my way around this whole mess without too much of a headache - and more importantly... no yelling. First I checked cash-on-hand, checked calendar for next scheduled unemployment benefits deposit, then took immediate action in hopes that I could save the day. A quick call to Verizon to schedule post-dated payment for next week got cell phone service back up. I also walked in to Rec Center H.O.A. Assessment Office to take care of June fee, but they can't process debit card transactions, so my daughter was issued a guest pass at no charge. Whew! $160.00 saved until next week when I can send an electronic payment. Did I say, "WHEW!" already?

Well, that's how my day started - see what I mean by "not great" - and, I was even able to kind of relax the latter part of the day. Hardly saw my husband, as usual - he only comes downstairs for food. My little girl had fun getting together with her friends. My son and I made a quick grocery run before coming home in time to watch Food Revolution. I had fun sharing funny video clips with my eldest daughter before she went to bed. Even the dogs were good - well behaved, sweet and adorable. So it was an okay day... If only my arms hadn't started feeling fuzzy while typing this just now. BUT the best part of all... No yelling.

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