Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27th ~ Here We Go...

Something new; something good happened today.  My son was hired for his first job, after his first ever job interview.  I'm so pleased and glad for him.  I am near tears every time I think about it.  I "grew up" a kid, and now he will be included among the American workforce.  A wage-earning, tax-paying American.  One down, three to go - Dad, Mom and Sis.  That's right.  Get all four of us on some sort of payroll and I'd start to feel hopeful that things can finally start turning around.  Yup.  If we all were somehow employed by the end of the week, I'd be wishing I had a rich relative to borrow money from to expedite "financial ruin of 2000's turn-around" so that all our focus could be on new jobs and "cleaning up" this mess.

This also makes me sad.  Sad that R. had such a terrible experience with the ending of his last job.  It was such a huge letdown.  There were bonuses that went unfulfilled which would have saved us from these current circumstances.  There certainly would not be need to fantasize about wealthy relatives coming to our financial rescue.  We would have been set for up to at least a year and a half  if he were to be out of work that long, had those promised bonuses been paid.

To be continued...

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