Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Love Good Food

The house smells amazing as I cook up some onions and potatoes for breakfast.  Sure, it's just past eleven a.m. - so it's breakfast for lunch, I guess.  As lovely as the aroma is - and enjoyable the meal - there's only so much you can do with an onion and three potatoes.  Today, there will also be eggs to go with the meal.  Yummy, right. Also, we are lucky to have a bit of cheese to top dish with, but no salsa.  What!  No salsa?  Uh oh... I love smothering my food with El Pinto salsas.  That's what's made eating potatoes n' onions all Summer, any time of day,  so enjoyable for me.  My trusty, delicious, salsas.

This weekend marks the time when, days from turning 19, R.J. - our household's lone wage earner - literally, becomes our care-taker.  This week will also be a first in that main course meals will consist of Ramen soups... God, please tell me a package still cost about a quarter!  With the girls starting school next week, there is no way...


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