Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17th ~ Sunday State of Affairs

All I'm worried about is how I'm supposed to feed my family of five through Wednesday w/ $20. We reached our debt ceiling a long, long time ago and are delinquent on everything. We are: former home building industry out-of-work husband (unemployed 9mos); a disabled American mom, unable to find work in entry level retail; Parents of teens (w/ no funds available for public school Fall registration) If anything, Ali, I need your help teaching my 19 y/o son, who just started his first job, personal finance basics so he can save himself - and maybe his sisters - from homelessness.

Just last week I had to inform my girls that if they need anything for start of school in a few weeks they will have to find jobs since mom and dad aren't able to provide basic necessities.  Of course, I first apologized for not being able prevent worsening circumstances.  I told them the school has been informed of our situations - we are not the only family going through this, they reassured me, when I told them I was apprehensive about registering the girls due to uncertainty with regard to housing.  I went ahead and registered them; nearly passed out at fee totals which are due; died a little more inside for being such a sorry excuse of a mother.

You see, I followed my dream of getting married and becoming a mommy.  As a family we supported dad's rise up the ladder with his company and took the chance on opportunities.  We made mistakes: Never buy a house, unless you are positive that the company you've worked for your entire adult life will not fall victim the industry's - or your country's - economic demise.  Another mistake:  Never marry someone, who it turns out will have an incurable - yet treatable - disease... especially if that disease is mental illness!  That person will only make matters worse when job loss prevents ability to manage illness; no health insurance.  Also, false hope does nobody any good.

To be continued...

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