Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11th ~ What to do? What to do!

What do I do?  What would you do?  I have $100 a friend sent me to help us "get by" and now I have to figure out best way to use it.  We have milk and eggs right now, so I'm thinking I could use about $25 of it for fixings for today's lunch & dinner.  I'll definitely need to put $40 aside for my son's medication refills... Also, the girls did still need a few school supplies and cash for school lunch (still haven't found out if they quailify for free lunch).  In order to acquire theses necessities I have to drive to grocery store and pharmacy so I'll need some cash for fuel to get around, otherwise I wouldn't be able to drive my son to his part-time job later today.  Hmmm...  What to do?

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