Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 20th ~ Goodbye twin wicker-seat pinewood chairs...

I'll sure miss you.  Tears of sadness shed... God, I'm a materialistic jerk!

Just had my son move one of the chairs out of the t.v. room to take to the front of the house, where by design, a formal living room and dining room would be.  Those rooms have always been relatively empty.  Now, they are strewn with yard/garage sale items... hence one of  two cute wicker-seat chairs going in there - the second chair still has clothes for ironing and laundry that needs to be folded piled on it.  I cried when he carried it out of the room.  I bought them soon after we moved into the house, you know, while Rick still had the V.P. of Customer Service job he took with Centex in Denver - the reason we moved here.  I thought the adorable chairs would work perfectly with what I had been planning for the room when the time came to properly furnish it... you know, stuff you plan to do before the rug gets pulled out from under you and you are laid-off from a job with a major American home builder you've been at less than a year.  Yes, I'm bitter.

Next up, I guess I'll start filling a box with emptied picture frames.  I wonder if anyone buys this kind of stuff at yard sales?  After that, I'll empty decorative woven baskets; next after that's done, wiping dust off silk plants and plant holders, and away they go to be added to piles on the floor in the front rooms.  Show us the money, yard sale!  Momma needs a tax person and bankruptcy lawyer.... yesterday!


to be continued...

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