Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st ~ I still hate yard sales

That said, this morning went well enough.  Started the day out around 6:30am - Which for me, is way, way too early.  Rick rounded up the kids and we all sprung into actions setting up our goods - mostly closet stuff, like, winter gear, shoes and most of my clothes.  We also put out a few household decorative items, like the cute little étagère I had in the powder room, my black chair that I nicknamed "ugly time-out chair" (for when we ever had grandkids). "Go think about what you just did while sitting on the ugly chair."  We got rid of a lot of the stuff - plant stands, planters, potting soil, etc. - from the previous attempt at a yard sale which had ended up on the porch because we were to lazy to take it all back down to the basement.

By noon, we had sold an additional couple hundred bucks (to add to previous take of $100) and are half way towards amount of fees estimated by the guy at H&R Block who is working on our taxes.  I only hope we don't have to cut into it.  Rick's state unemployment benefits ended; he did qualify for federal extension, but there still is a two week lapse in money coming in.  So, I have about a hundred bucks for food and gas for the next couple of weeks, and R.J. will probably be able to chip in $100 each Friday until benefits start again.  And to be honest, I just don't have it in me to ask for help from Mormon church again, which was providing us with food on a few occasions   They think - know - our marriage is shaky, and the impression I get is that "we are not what they are looking for."   (Not that I ever said we were considering converting.)  And honestly, I just don't feel worthy of taking from their church members rations. It just so happened that the church elder and a wonderful volunteer from the women's group had been there for me in the past, providing much needed counsel. And, when more assistance was subsequently offered, I accepted.  I am only grateful for all the LDS church has done for us.  I'm so glad my kids are friends with kids from the Mormon faith.

Anyway, I am so glad the yard sale was a much more pleasant experience this time around.  Makes me not dread the fact that we have to be out there again tomorrow - this time with a bunch of my kitchen stuff and what ever items didn't sell today.  I am having a bit of separation anxiety about the kitchen stuff because a lot of the pieces have been gifts I've asked for for my birthday and Christmas.  Same with some of the baking stuff; each of my girls has received cake baking and decorating tools as birthday gifts.

To be continued...

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