Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26th ~ Quarter hour til tomorrow

It's late, I should shut this thing off.

It just occurred to me, things have changed... a lot.  I used to be so excited to sit down to write.  It's two years now since almost kicking the proverbial bucket - coincidentally, around the same time I started to make up my bucket list of the stuff I'd still like to accomplish in life.  Funny thing, tons of stuff came pouring out of my brain while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  I felt so good... alive.  I wanted to jump back into life as quick as possible.  Amazing I have not once been ill again like I had been before surgery - for so many years.  Thank God for sweet relief.  I was jotting down storyline notes and all the funny stuff that happened leading up to surgery, and in recovery - the entire hospital stay was pretty comical.  Wee hours of Fourth of July were spent listening to some old guy crying out in excruciating pain while cussing out hospital staff for touching him.... priceless. If I hadn't been crying out my own eyeballs from my own pain, I would have been laughing my ass off and stepped out of my room to see what all the ruckus was; put faces to all the chatter going on around the old man.  Wasn't long before I'd be feeling so much better than I had in a very long time.

My bucket list started to take shape as soon as I returned home.  Back then, it was made up of mostly family travel destinations, but there were some aspirations, like trying out stand-up comedy at DenverComedyWorks newbie night, taking drawing, creative writing and public speaking classes.  I know my desire of being a Montessori teacher could never be, due to the whole bipolar disorder thingy, so I was gonna be cool with maybe writing books for young kids.  I wonder where all those ideas went.

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