Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28th ~ Month End Friday Financial State of Affairs

First of all, must check bank balance. *Be right back*

10/28/11 Beginning bank balance  $2,094.96!

Wow, that's a lot of money!  Another three hundred bucks and I'd have a house payment.  This is a rare figure found in my checking account these days.

So, let's see now...  Out comes $1,205.60 (the double car payment promised to auto loan carrier to avoid repossession, while still behind on October 16th payment).

  • $2,094.96 - $1,205.60 = $889.36

Bank balance now is still a whopping $889.36!  Not bad.  Next, pay past due utility bills.  *Be right back*

Bills due before next approved unemployment benefits... in two weeks.  (Unless Federal unemployment continuation benefits are not approved, then bills can be taken care of when we'll next have my Social Security disability benefits available - in four weeks.) :

       Water:                  $  154.68
       Gas & Elec           $  263.20
       Waste Mgmt        $    87.66
       Cable/Phn/Int     $  227.35
       Total Utilities      $  732.89


  •   $889.36 - $732.89 = $156.47

$156.47. That's not enough.  I'm still trying to make tiny payments on suspended Verizon Wireless account. And, food... we need food and gas.  By now it should be noted, collection correspondence and attorney summonses for everything from our delinquent home loan, credit cards to unpaid medical bills pile up... no solution there.  We can't even afford to obtain tax documents we recently had H & R Block prepare.... which we happen to need for filing bankruptcy - if there were a chance in hell we could afford to file.


Ugh, reminds me, yesterday was terrible (but at the same time a huge relief).  We had to drive down to the courthouse to deliver precious copies of IMPORTANT documents we provided attorney at law office representing the homeowner's association currently taking legal action (rightfully so) against us for our failure to pay quarterly fees and paint the house (deemed necessary as determined by property review committee).  Had documents not been filled out and returned within 10 days, a bench warrant situation, on the grounds of contempt of court, would  put both Rick and I at risk of going to prison.  Equally distressing, having to ride in the car with Rick at the wheel for an eternal drive down to Castle Rock, return trip taking us way past our town's nearest freeway off-ramp all the way to Denver to withdraw money from our kids' "kid's bank" accounts for car payment, side trip for lunch pick up at L & L Hawiian BBQ (yeah, I deserved a special treat), and back home.  Three long hours.  Ugh, again.


Time to get creative.  Must also consider November is a few days away, and I somehow have to come up with car registration and auto insurance premium payments due somewhere in there.  Keep in mind, we haven't made a mortgage payment since last February, so we've decided to do everything possible to make sure we don't lose the car - we are going to need it to live out of when the time comes, as we don't have anywhere else to go.

I hate that today's grocery shopping includes laundry detergent, toilet paper, hand soaps, paper towels, feminine products...  Hmmmm

So, deep breath.... breathe some more.  Pay phone, internet, cable, water and waste bills today, that'll leave $419.67.

Long distance drive this weekend will put a huge dent in our actual Food & Gas allowance of $156.47.  But it's for a school requirement and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Just remembered, still owe a $15.00 school fee.  Rats.

Oh, and by the way, Rick still hasn't found a job.  November 7th will be one year exactly since he was laid off.


Some good news... We have a special event to look forward to.  We've been invited to Academic Lettering Assembly and Advanced Placement Scholar Recognition Ceremony at the high school in a couple of weeks, where Sarah will be honored for her outstanding academic achievements along with some of  her best friends and peers.  So proud of her.  I am so proud of all my kids.  Emily came home yesterday and mentioned that during lunch the principal praised her for being an outstanding student.  He stopped at the table she and friends were eating at and asked if anybody wanted him to check their grades; Emmy jumped right in with, "Oh, check mine!"  Love that about her.  As for the boy, he continues to impress his co-workers.  He mentioned yesterday that they all actually thought he was a college graduate.  He corrected them, saying he's "taking a year off before college." Thanks son, for helping bring money into the household with your part-time job.  I love my kids - don't know what I'd do without them.

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