Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5 ~ This happened on this day last year...

Is this why it hasn't snowed yet... because Sombra is coming to town?

Yes.  It's the first week of November, and for the first time since moving to these parts, there has not been an ounce of snowfall.  Past years there's been at least one good snowstorm by Halloween.  This year, nothing.  I've even turned on the a/c  the past couple of days - and it's supposed to be in the 70's the next few days!  Honestly, I am anxiously awaiting a good hearty snow; the first snowfall of the season is magical to me... It's one of my favorite things ever.  But now I'm relieved temps haven't dropped yet because... Sombra will be spared that freezing shock to the system as he's being taken off the airplane, or when he's being let out to "take care of business" in our backyard.  (I'm shivering just thinking about it.)  So, the longer it takes before this season's first snowfall, the better, because in about 48 hours from now, Rick and Sombra will be arriving at DIA.

It's going to be great and it truly feels like the holidays have arrived at the Colorado Carilo home.  We get to finally meet our new puppy, Sombra, and we couldn't be more excited - it's going to be like Christmas morning.  Rick was here a couple of weeks ago, so his welcome might be more like, "Back so soon?"  Ha ha.  Of course we'll be happy to see Rick... he'll be home for good AND joining him, is the little doggy he adopted from a shelter in the town where he worked.  Now, I hear, that that part of the world can only be described as an arid desert-like climate by the sea.  (I'm pretty sure the only other "weather" that occurs is hurricane season.)  I don't think Rick ever even mentioned being cold in all the time he lived there; spring, summer, fall or winter!

Upon arrival in the U.S., Sombra, will be experiencing his first Rocky Mountain high... in mid-Fall.  Hopefully, our new little doggy's American welcome will be warm and that he immediately senses how much we love him already.  As for little, Mister King of the World, Shadow dog... We shall see.  We'll make it work.  If anything gives me comfort, it's knowing that Shadow is fully aware how much we all love him, and we sure do get tons of puppy love from him.

Sombra, meet Shadow... brotherly love & peace... I hope.


Sombra's backstory:  Sombra, as many dogs in the town Rick lived in, was abandoned at the local college - in a planter - most likely only days old. La Paz, MX has an extremely high abandoned dog population. Sad, right? Baja Dogs helped rescue Rick from loneliness when he was introduced to Sombra dog.  Resident's thought it was wonderful that Rick brought him home with him.

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