Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Your days are numbered

And I'm forced to figure out what the hell to do about "starting the new year off right."  Like, with a job... even though I have no recent experience in today's workforce.

So, in my effort to avoid cleaning house or sorting bills I can't pay, I'll try to use these last free days in "create" mode.  Will attempt to conjure a resume - out of nothing... no education, minimal skills and zero talent - in hopes of finding gainful employment earning substantial wages (enough to support my family) at a job located within walking distance from home, where hopefully I don't have to deal with people who go out in public still in pajamas and house slippers, or who are not considerate enough to properly dress themselves by at the very least pulling pants waistband up to within a couple inches of their navel, or worse yet, not get off their wireless devices to conduct business.

Sadly, lack of socialization & economic isolation has left me unprepared; I'm not ready for contact with society as we know it.

And, just to spice things up a bit, had somewhat of a panic attack last night during the short time I was awake between late-evening nap and when I finally fell asleep for the night.  Not sure what brought it on, other than maybe just a "trigger" to New Year's Eve and memories like, THIS. Also, forgot to pull the ottomans away from the windows so I froze whenever my throw blanket fell off and exposed an arm or leg - I think my head's used to being froze!  So I had a not-great night's sleep... just what I need.

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