Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How-To Feed the Hungry at Home

During holiday breaks from school it's easy.  You avoid the whole "Mom I'm hungry" issue by sheer luck.  Teens like to sleep.  So, I let them sleep in.  Like now, it's 11:57am and my youngest just came down stairs, found some stale croissants from Christmas day and seemed genuinely excited to find ramen soup in the making.

$ SAVING TIP ~ For the household with $0.00 food budget ~ On sale, four packages of Ramen soup and a bunch of green onion:  Total $1.50 (approx).

Dinner under $10.00:  Pork chops - skillet fried, and Knorr garlic pasta shells satisfactorily fed four.  Dad took the boy by the grocery store for his dinner - "on sale" frozen pizza  - after picking him up from job at bookstore.

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