Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My friend Lydia asked today...

On Facebook:  "So what are your opinions on NO MORE CELL PHONE TALKING WHILE DRIVING, EVEN WITH A WIRELESS DEVICE? with regard to one of today's headlines - Would banning all texting/cellphone use while driving affect you?

Lydia lives in California and I live in Colorado, and for the most part her friends all seem to agree.  For my part, I offered these gems....

~ Every time I see someone on the phone while they are driving I yell in my car "Get off the damn phone!" (usually there's "lady" at the end of that sentence. During snow season... I usually add a curse word or two, ending with me yelling "Before you kill me, a**hole!"

~ Once saw a guy driving an El Camino, on a cell phone, smoking a cigarette, while brushing his mullet looking in the rear view mirror. Imagine THAT being the story of how you died...killed by some stupid chain smoking, mullet-headed idiot.

~ Oh, and often times I say, "Get off the damn phone." in crowded grocery store aisles. My kids hate when I do this because it's usually loud enough for anyone not on a cell phone to hear; and I make the point to look right at offender, speaking with a smile on my face.  Moron.  ;)

How would banning all texting/cellphone use while driving affect you?  I'd sure cut down on cursing.

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