Thursday, December 15, 2011

Someone wrote something great...

And I felt compelled to profess my love of their talent.   So I wrote this to Jen, author of the brilliant, who is probably pretty as she is clever:

I think I love you, Jen. Happily shared (repeatedly) "Elf" post on Twitter last night, and discussion spilled right over into today... internationally, too! Was thanked for sharing with friends on Facebook. I wanted to go out and scream from my mile high hell - Highlands Ranch Colorado - "READ THIS BLOG!!" after one of my friends turned me on to it. You write how my heart wishes my brain could make my fingers spit stuff out onto my keyboard. I write the most depressing blog on www. My name is Lil... and I'll say it again: I love you.



I know, I know... You'd think deep inside I'd be seething with jealousy -- since yesterday Jen's followers have amassed in droves, at last count, blog post Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies had garnered 12,200+ "Likes" on Facebook.  Whereas I have three followers, zero "likes" and seriously doubt my posts will ever have more than a handful of readers a day... me being one of them.  But, alas, I cannot be jealous.  I'm grateful.  I now have something great to put a smile on my face... Jen's amazingly funny, brilliantly written blog.  

Thanks, Jen!  

Oh, and Carolyn!  Thanks, C. for having a wicked sense of humour and cheering me up when I need it most.

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