Sunday, February 12, 2012

Packing day....

...but, what, really is the point?  We have nowhere to go from here.

And by "packing," I mean packing Christmas decorations.  That's right, Rick and the kids decided to bring a few decorations up from the basement last December to make the house festive, despite the fact that life is not.  I think I'm still actually missing lingering scent from traditional fresh cut tree.  Usually, scent would still be wafting from vacuum cleaner.  Did the t.v. room yesterday... Nothing.

So today is "take down" day.  Actually, every weekend (or days kids have had off from school) has been given that designation for the last month and a half - but nothing yet.  I'm not going to do it.  Too painful.  Plus, it makes more sense to me to try to sell my collectible Santas and Dept 56 stuff to raise funds for my girl.  She's had two college acceptances in the last two weeks and we are hopeful scholarships and grants will cover full tuition.  There are still fees we have to figure out how to cover, including travel expenses, and like I said, it just makes sense to sell everything we can.  Too bad there isn't much value to anything we own.  But something is something.  I told my daughter that I hope she's okay with my idea.  Must do what we can.

After all, the way I see things, Christmas 2010 was goodbye to family Christmases as we had known them.  And I honestly believe I'll never see these Christmas treasures ever again.



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