Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh, November

Oh November, already you start with the unexpected.  It appears first week in will be a busy one, but when asked if I could help out a family member; the reason for this request had only one answer:  Of course, I can help.  I'll do whatever I can.

It’s National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, which is running concurrent with NaBloPoMo, where you post a daily blog - like I'm doing here. There's no way I have it in me to attempt to write a novel in a month, but I have come within days of writing a daily post in a year's time. So here I go again... but only for a month.  I can do this.  I also thought I could modify NaNoWriMo to something I might be able to accomplish.  I'm calling it  NaShoStoWriMo, or National Short Story Writing Month, lessening November writing challenge from 1667 words a day, to 167 words a day. Here's yesterday's sampling:

November 2, 2013

There were no words to say, time was quickly running out. How was Lee going to let him know what the plan was now that things had changed? She was just going to have to sit there and hear him out until he had said all he needed to say...

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