Saturday, July 5, 2014

Did I Mention...

I started a hobby.

It was fun. So fun I stopped.

What can I say, life.

You know the drill... taxiing a husband and a son to and from work, school carpool, elderly parent watch , husband health watch, car problems, elderly diabetic parent meal management, husband ER visit, elderly parent emergency surgery, bailing on carpooling because that one nightmare kid, more car problems, more driving, more Mom (elderly parent) stuff. The list goes on and on. Oh, and let's not forget coordinating college kid's travel plans for visits home, including that extra stressful task of making arrangements for everything that needs to be taken care of (from opposite ends of the country) before she left school for Summer break.

Anyway, I hope to return to creating new vlogs... that hobby I was telling you about.


#InTheKitchenWithLilOnWednesday  #FiveOnFriday

Until tomorrow. ~ Lil

This post is written for Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July 2014 and NaBloPoMo.